Adobe Illustrator Training Class 1 Selection Tool

Adobe Illustrator Training Class 1 Selection Tool Greetings ! Welcome to GFXMentor. I am your teacher or mentor, Imran Ali Dina Today, initially, I’m starting for you Illustrator So before starting Adobe Illustrator, I think its important to share The first question is that Photoshop is good but Illustrator isn’t that good or illustrator is good and Photoshop isn’t that good Well we cannot compare We cannot compare

there is no comparison because see Adobe is one organization that is making both of this software so obviously the company will not raise a war in 2 of its own productions. So first of all, keep in mind that these are different software Photoshop has a different job of editing images Illustrator has a totally different job of making vector illustrations Now what’s the difference between Adobe Illustrator Training Class 1 Selection Tool

vector and raster This I would explain you later definitely But for now you need to understand that This is software which is designed for making logo designs, icons and similar small small images or if you go to higher level, yon can design a lot of such similar images As it is these days, its a trend of flat designs I myself has personally designed many mobile apps on illustrator So, illustrator has big scope If you

learn this , the biggest advantage you get is that you can earn money You can go online and earn money. There are many websites like fiver, I don’t recommend as they pay very low prices 99designs is there. So there are many such websites where you can earn money For which definitely you would have to learn first. So, let start. So this is illustrator interface. And if you see to much an extent if you would have seen Phototshop its similar to that If you look at here on the left side.

This is a tool bar and there are many tools in this tool bar which you are going to use time and again for different tasks. and illustrator’s interface is really interesting. You can move these from its place and place them back too On right side this is not tool bar but are called panels. I always recommend the 2 arrows which are here if you open them then you have enough detailed view if it doesn’t irritate you And if you need more screen space so I will recommend you,

that you keep it close Let’s start I am taking a new file Now when you take a new file Its going to ask you few things like; whats the size of your document what are its properties I am using illustrator CC 2017 and if you are using some older version then in that too, you will almost find similar things definitely so over here some custom sizes these are the once which I have used recently and if you want to save something of your own that also you can do it here here there is an option of mobile devices too you can also work for web, print, film and TV

art and illustration. so here there are different different sizes For example here is the post card size given If you come to the print side from here I can simply selecting A4 or letter size and if you look here its showing its width and height and if you do calculation like measurement etc. so you can change units from here and otherwise if you take new file so you can change it So right now I am keeping it on inches Let’s create There are some more details on the bottom here which I am going to discuss later As such you don’t need it now or you

will get confused okay? alright ..create So here I have got new document and this is of letter size If you have seen, when I was taking a new file so here it appeared one more thing, art boards If you need multiple pages so you can do it from here. Like I want 2 pages, 3 pages or 4 pages and as soon as I will create, see a document will appear in front you you with 4 pages so for now I am closing it Lets start from here from a single page So, first of all we will start from from tool bar see first of all you have selection tool given here. This is selection tool. If you see there is black arrow on it. Next to it is direct selection tool which has a white arrow on it Before using these, I would like to tell you this that first you will make some shape then you will select it right? First of all one

thing that as many tools are given over here along with which you see an arrow made this arrow shows that there are additional tools here for example if I click this for sometime a new drop down menu will appear So lets start with this rectangle Now, this is one of those tools which you must have used several times, even in paint if you have used Microsoft paint then you much have made a simple box in it Its simply the same you can make rectangle in it Just be considerate about it that if you only click and leave it so it will ask you size itself I am

cancelling it There are 2 ways 1 is to click and drag. whenever I use the word drag it means that you have pressed click and with mouse you are moving your pointer and when you are going to release then it will complete by release it means to leave mouse button okay? So from here if I click and drag and release. See it will make a rectangle for me and if you want it to make a square Now for making square simply what you need to do it press shift from keyboard and then drag.

Now whatever you do and wherever you go it will only make square for you. Size should not be a concern at this point that which size it will make you can resize it to a big one or a small one it will not give you rectangle but square Now.. you all must be knowing what square is all sides are equal If I only click here and leave it then it will ask me size as in width and height and over here if I mention width suppose 3 inches and height I insert as 4 inches and click ok This made me a rectangle And if I want to give 3X3 inches so here it will

make a square Undo command or Ctrl Z By the way, you people will be using your other hand a lot many a times you would have to press Ctrl and many a times shift many a times alt and many a times all of them together I will keep telling you from time to time about which keys you would have to press So Why did I come on shapes? So obviously we wanted to see selection tool. I made a very small square Now if you come on the selection tool over here What is the real job of selection tool? Selection tool’s obvious task is to do selection Like see if I

select this a box appears around it and this box is called bounding box and there are small boxes within bounding box and these small boxes are called resize handles and along with this I would also like to tell you few more things I would like to zoom into this do remember that there is a difference between Zoom something and resize something to zoom it means you are seeing it by bring it closer to you or you are making it bigger just to see it you are not resizing it to smaller or

bigger size So in order to zoom there are many options for example here there is a zoom tool given so lets say for example if I take zoom tool there is a magnifying glass appearing here which has a + (plus) sign in the middle and if i press alt sign the +(plus) sign will convert into – (minus) sign as soon as I will release it , it again would covert into +(plus) sign so if I click it , it will show you an enlarged size Another way is which is more simple that you press alt and move your scroll of mouse simultaneously If you will scroll downward it will zoom

out If you will scroll upward it will zoom in I mostly use this Another way is Press Ctrl and space bar so for time being your magnifying glass or your zoom tool will appear whichever tool you are at and if you press space bar a hand tool will appear with this you can pane your art board means you can move it here and there do remember you are not moving your objects you are moving your page or art board So, if I select it using selection tool and these resize handles are appearing What is the job of these resize handles is

that you can make it larger or smaller but do remember that if you if you are not going to press any key then you are freely going to resize it larger or smaller but if you want that it increases or decreases in size without loosing it proportion then do press shift when you resizing it shift has an advantage that when you will scale up or scale down it will be proportionally done proportionally means height and width ratio will remain same so for example If it would have been a rectangle like this one here and if I would have resized it with a shift then it would have been in

same dimension or proportion and could have been resized to smaller or bigger in size I am doing UNDO (Ctrl Z) do remember short cuts Alright I am making it bit smaller now whats the second job of selection tool? First task was to select the second one is to resize it. The third one is you can move it wherever you like to place it you can easily move and place it Fourth task it performs is to rotate I am making it bigger . So, if I come out near this resize handle so see your cursor would be slightly tilted and if at this time I click and move then see it would be rotating and so you can rotate it to any angel and place it Now one more

thing Even if this when I am rotating and I press shift then it will be restricted rotate to 45 degrees so if you intend to do it 45 degree then you can do it this way If you intend to do it 90 degree rotate then rotate twice One more important task If you select your object and drag it with alt then it will make a copy of your object Whats the use of making a copy? that whenever you want you can preserve a copy or it you can also you use shortcut keys Ctrl C for

Copy and Ctrl V for paste but the advantage of this option is that you can drag and keep it wherever you want One shortcut I am telling you which is an interesting type Ctrl D Now what Ctrl D does is that Whatever task you will perform with your selection tool It would repeat it. for example with selection tool I moved this object and if I press Ctrl D then it will further move the object in same direction in same angel and in same distance as many times I will press Ctrl D

So don’t forget keeping your hand on Ctrl D or it will run away alright? Now If I take a copy of it One more thing which is very important If you are taking a copy and if you want the copy to be straight means an aligned one then you need to be careful that while dragging press shift in between somewhere along with alt What will happen when you will press shift is it will move straight. so if I bring it down see it will come down to 45 degree and if i further move vertically So if you want to copy like this you can do it this way like I told you earlier that

Ctrl D that it copy your last action of selection tool so in this situation if I do Ctrl D Let me zoom out to show it to you . See now it is selected so do not deselect it Press Ctrl D and see what happens? It is making further copies of the same object So if i select the entire column here and make a copy of the entire thing with same alt and shift and then I press Ctrl D See very easily you made an interesting pattern Alright? If you want to select all of them together then universal shortcut is Ctrl A so wherever your cursor is and if you press Ctrl A it will select all . So if you are at any web page or any website and you press Ctrl A. It will select everything Similarly, in illustrator also if you do Ctrl A It will select all.

or if you want using your selection tool this you can drag and select all Now if you only want to select this much , then select and if you want to delete or move whatever you want to do you can. So If I want that I select this bottom row here then I leave this row and select this row here See if I select this one , the last one I selected got deselected so I want to select both of these together for example if I select this again I press shift and I drag on this one See this and this one is selected and this is not selected. Similarly I am leaving every alternate

row and making selection that’s it And if I press delete, then it will be deleted from here This is very simple Just need a little practice. I am deleting all this Lets see what else can we do with these shapes for example here there is one shape given…polygon and I am making a simple polygon here which is a hexagon with 6 sides By the way, if you look at its sides here and if you click then its going to ask for details like radius and how many sides you need Even if you want to make a triangle , you can make from here Whichever field as it is

appearing over here If you click and scroll wheel up or down Scroll wheel as everyone knows is a small wheel on the mouse and If you scroll it up or down, the values will start changing Otherwise, I am still using it on 6 sides Soon after making it please select your selection tool and I zoomed it a bit Now , what I am doing is I am taking a copy of it alright? Now I selected this entire thing And I also took a copy of this but I am taking this without pressing shift because I want to fit this inside this other one something like this. I am doing undo and doing it again Zoom and do it so it can be done in a precise manner Illustrator allows you to zoom in 6400 percent but this cc version allows for 64000 percent zoom

See I show you the maximum zoom of this one This is 64000% zoom that its giving what does it mean? you can do your work keeping in view the minor details 64000% is view-able in cc version In older version its 6400 which itself is a lot Anyways, I have selected these 2 columns here Now again I am taking a copy of it with alt and shift so its an aligned copy and now I am pressing Ctrl D See how nicely it converted into beehive pattern So If you want to resize this entire thing you can Now, along with this, today I would like to share last thing See i n your tool bar at the bottom here there are two boxes, these are called Adobe Illustrator Training Class 1 Selection Tool

This one is fill and this one is stroke What is fill? Its the inside colour of your object and what is stroke? Its the outline of your object So if you want to change the colour of stroke simply select stroke here and you can see colour panel here so if you want from here you can open this panel or there are swatches given over here Swatches has ready made colours Instead of being confused with all this its better if you double click on strokes You can select any colour from here for example I am giving it over here one grey colour and in its fill colour and in this I am giving a slightly lighter colour or rather darker colour

Its becoming equally same so lets make some more changes and make it more dark may be so you can change any objects colour for example in between if you want to change colour of any shape you can press shift and randomly click on different shapes means these shapes are selected for instance if I want to make them Red see in colour panel, we open this From here we can select any colour for example I selected red colour and see whichever shapes I had selected are all red now I think its looks nice. what do you say? For now. Its first class. Adobe Illustrator Training Class 1 Selection Tool

We are going to product big pieces of art but for now I am keeping things light because I don’t want you all to be confused, be scared and runaway Those who already know Illustrator, I know this must be a boring class for them But those who don’t know this class is for them I hope you will accompany me in this journey I will end today’s class here In next class with the due blessings of God we will proceed and we will see direct selection tool Its a very interesting tool. Adobe Illustrator Training Class 1 Selection Tool

There are certain things I know I have skipped on purpose as I want to go slow but want to touch them in depth and detail I hope you don’t dislike it because this must have been a boring class for a lot of people But believe me its lot fruitful for those who don’t know For now I want just practice on this and if there are any questions add in comments below and ask I will definitely answer your queries And if you want that you get updates on my videos continuously then

Adobe Illustrator Training Class 1 Selection Tool

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