Adobe Illustrator Training Class 2 Direct Selection Tool

Adobe Illustrator Training Class 2 Direct Selection Tool assalamualaikum Welcome to GFXMentor I am your teacher Imran and today we will start the next topic yes so what’s the next class? direct selection In the previous class I told you small things regarding selection tools and I told you about some shapes today we will move one step forward we will see direct selection what is the direct selection?

ok, i will take you here and there just i want to start it directly and now we have to move forward quickly so first of all come here i made file here which has 3 shapes this is as you had seen last time selection tool . This is our Direct selection tool which is your white arrow if you see here i made some things here, for example, this is one path this is a simple line which i made by this line tool or if you don’t made this then simply click

and drag it and i am making with shift for straight-line so always remember shift will help you for making straight things so on alright so if you see here what is the purpose of direct selection see the way Selection tool works, in same way Direct selection also works but little bit things are different jus like if we copy yes we can also copy from this like selection tool but you can’t resize it but there is something else which i am saying repeatedly, Let’s tell you what the path is like. Illustrator is much more like in school you had learn geometry In geometry one thing you had learn that line segment now what is line segment? a line which have two endpoints so we have a perfect example here of line

segment and that two end ponits the two end points are also available here if I select it to look carefully here little blue dots the blue dots are that endpoints which in illustrator know as anchor point and this line if I remove stroke’s colour how to remove color of stroke ? here there is no fill color, but why not fill color i will tell you later but if you see here there is black color in stroke from here and from this button i will click and close it when i off both the fill and stroke then you can see a blue thin and fine line this is called path and from this path all the vector graphics are making and i was telling you about the line segments these are your anchor point and this is known as path see if i ,

always remember in view always check your smart guides are on always on this check which will help you illustrator will continuously guide you what is near cursor and where is your cursor is saying so if I put my cursor on this then it will show path written small text and if put on this will show written text anchor these anchors are real anchor points for which you have any shape will remain living in that particular shape for example, and one more thing what is an anchor?

In English language anchor is called a heavy object attached to a cable or chain and used to moor a ship to the sea bottom, and also used to stop the ship at a particular place tv also has a anchor the tv anchor person or host stops the people going to other channel or place in the same way this anchor point will stop our path in this particular place and if you look it carefully direct selection will give me benefit that i can select individual anchor point and i can move them and yes it is thin fine line so i am putting a black stroke in it if you see below here you can see a stroke

colour option here it will give you stroke for this stroke we can see the whole path so aah so the main purpose of direct selection was you can select the individual points and you can change their postions for this your path’s direction will changed completely ok now in this same way if you see below in any shapes for example there is a square if you zoom it you will see in this square this is a

anchor point in illustrator cc there is one new thing add if you are using old versions cs6 etc you will not get this features on that if i select the whole box by direct selection tool A small circle is visible besides anchor point what is it’s work? It’s very interesting if all four anchor points are selected then from this circle , click and drag inside then the square will convert into rounded rectangle or rounded square this is used to curve any corner if i select only point then it Adobe Illustrator Training Class 2 Direct Selection Tool

will curve only one corner but now our topic is not this our topic is anchor points if i move anchor points for example from here to there and i moved from here to there and see it your shape changed completely right always remember one thing that anchor points are same as our hand’s joint called elbow if there was no elbow then so may be i can not bend my hand.yes i can’t bend my hands you can not also bend your hand so our body have joints in same way this are also

joints form this joints you can bend things. right and where there is no joint you can not bend so for example if i will select this path from direct selection tool and if move it so only this path will move, there is no corner here how corner will come ?we will see after some time so first of all see we can change any shape completely by moving our anchor points what is the benefit of it, i mean advantage of it we can make some interesting things from it for example let me remove this all things after some time we will discuss circles etc if i zoom

it see i have a square ok I make it again in front of you simply i made a square here and i made a copy of it by pressing alt + shift ok and make sure your smart guide is on Because of which the intersection is written so it will guide you In a way, this will snap also ok and i made a copy here i am taking one more copy in upward position see interesting thing is going to made now i have three squares so

i take direction selection as i said from direct selection we can move the complete path also if i select this and drag from here my this and this points are selected in short this complete path is selected if i hold this and bring it down by draging in the same way holding this two points move it here no shift button or any key is pressed by me plus if i select , then total 4 points are selected so two points from here and two points from here anyways i hold them and did this. right if you see it ,

it become a box if you see this, this box is that three diffrent shapes this is that shapes from which we made 3 squares for example if i take a copy of this copy of full box how did i copy ? i did it by selecting with direct selection it doesn’t matter that you have to take only selection toolyou can do this by direct selection but make sure you are selecting completely the object and i took a copy and from below from direct selection i selected below points. 1,2,3,4 ok and i took them upward see when i am taking them upward these are moving

here and there may be your hand will move here and there so i am pressing shift so it will move straight in upward position correct see we had made this after that we made thisyou can make any type of box you can also do thisselect this complete box now i am using selection tool (black arrow) because of this bounding box is visible i am making it larger by pressing shift but i am not making it too larger but only little bit after making it larger i am putting this on the

first box remember this contain white fill inside if you are seeing previous life while making so please select them all and click default colours once so you can get white fill and black stroke ok we got a box now cap now if you want to decrease it’s height i am doing this and ok there is difference see carefully if i take a copy of this box if i if i make this smaller through bounding box by selection tool now this is not that box. It’s perspective is changed completey although our first box’s

perspective is also not right but this all boxes it is Running through 45 degree angle or you can a particular angle you can say a short of isometric design there is a difference in real perspective for now i am taking isometric actually it is much nearer to isometric so please don’t make it smaller by this if you want to decrease it’s height i mean you want to make it smaller so simply select from upwards or select from below and press shift take it upward from below that’s it so i believe there is no problem up to here now there is one

thing which is most important that is how we can fill colours on it honestly i don’t want to tell you about colours now reason is that because of colour you will become little bit distract so first of all learn how to make shapes and drawings after that we will colour it we will do many things from colours in fantastic waydon’t worry initially i will recommend you please work on this black stroke and white fill alright i am deleting this i am this and putting it in this side one

more thing this also has different parts as you can see and if i want to make this all a single object or if i want to use it as a single object means a single group so first of all select them all and we have 2 or 3 options go to object menu you can see group or press control + G and second method is right click and you will see group what is the advantage of this ? if you select this by direct selection also it will move as a complete object now i am moving a little step forward i made a

circle and i made a square also i am taking this box outside the art board since we don’t need this now i am rotating this little bit now i am asking you all a small question look it carefully what is common between both of them same thing is that one is center point of course all the shapes contain center point ah one thing is common that 1,2,3,4 anchor points in circle, similarly 1,2,3,4 anchor points present in square also so this is similar but both the shape is totally

different because here there is no curve but here is curve if i select one anchor point by direct selection you can see handles in illustrator language in some other software it is known as bezier points some people call them curve handles you can call it what you like but in Geometry language it is called Tangents yes Tangent sorry i forgot it alright so what is real purpose of this handles or tangents so if you select any points you will see two handles one is this and other is

this this handles is curving half this line (right side) and this handle is curving half this line (left side) so if i move this by holding this handle like this then your circle shape will change into a different shape right ok sorry everyone if my recording is disturbing you because of the traffic noise then i am really sorry because i live too much near the main roads i will correct it in future now if i want to add same type of baziers points or handles so what can i do ? so you have a tool name Pen tool and inside that pen tool there is a tool called anchor point tool which is in the last click on that anchor point tool and see

what’s happen whenever i come to any anchor points and then click and drag it will give you a curve of course don’t make this type of strange curve i am making like this please press shift shift will help you to maintain straight position or to do it straight ok you can do one more thing by this tool if any object contains curve it will remove that curve so for removing it simply go to that part which

have curve and click in the anchor pont then this tool will remove curve one by one and guess what this is now a square i mean our circle became a square so both of them have 4 points so if i remove all the curves then this will become a square alright let us make one more things inside pen-tool we had seen anchor point tool so i said you earlier how to add joints so come again in Pen toolif you see in Pen tool there are options first is pen tool and last is anchor point tool add second anchor point tool then delete anchor point tool that is add anchor point tool and delete anchor point tool anyways i believe that this two tools

is not necessary ( delete and add anchor point tools) the pen tool do all works of that two tools ( delete and add anchor point tools) for example if i want to delete some anchor point then simply i will go to that anchor point see now you can see a small black star in my cursor with a pen ok so i go to anchor point then it will show a minus sign with cursor and if i click it then it will become a triangle see path will remain closed shape is also there but one anchor point is deleted that’s why it became a triangle now if a click on some existing path it will add anchor point, so please remember one thing don’t add here and there, otherwise pen tool will start drawing how it is making we will discuss it later when pen tool will discuss i will tell you everything if i add a anchor point.

What is the benifit of it ? so one more thing if you add with the pen tool make sure that plus sign is visible with your pen tool if i want to add in the center then my smart guide will help me see i am doing this through center point and a purple guide is directing me so this purple guide will help me wherever i go so it will easier to us to detect our center point through the help of guides so i clicked here and by direction selection i take it in upward direction correct so let it zoom out move it little it below if i take my anchor point tool and then i click and drag then see this it became very interesting arch that’s it now come again to make some other things for example what is this ? egg yeah of course egg is not like this but if we change it little bit then it will look like egg but how ? so i made a oval shape i take again direct selection and i selected this middle two points and by holding

this, i take it little bit below see this , now it is betterit looking like egg now i am making it smaller and putting it side now i am making again an oval and this time i want to make a mango yes mango session is also coming soon i don’t know it will become good or not alright so first work is that i am selecting this upper point by direct selection by holding this handle (right) and pull it outside and same from left alsoi want to make it broad from upwards i selected this point and made a little curve by doing this and move it little bit inside right and by holding this point i move it little bit upward , now this your mango as u know this thin you can make it thin also and you can make it more curvy from here all designs are useful please try to make ideal shape of mango right remember one thing we are not creating very detail graphics. it is just a start this is our second class

so we will learn many things in future so for now be light handed in this software now i am making a another oval now i am taking the anchor point tool which was our last tool inside the Pen tool now i clicked here and one click to here now now i got a strange shape leaf and i rotate it little bit putting it here this are very easy things that you can practice and i used only direct selection i didn’t used pen tool or pencil for making anything i just used basic shapes i just modified the basic shapes by using direct selection and some interesting things is made in front of you ok let’s move to one step forward one thing remember what i am making now is cartoonist not realistic so please don’t claim that you are making childish things yes brother

i am making childish things yes i making this for you peoples specially for them who are completely new here i mean beginners who just started ah let’s make some thing else this is a grape grape (also known angoor in some country) this is strange i know so inside this i want to add a Stick so for making that stick i am quickly using ok let me use this tool ok inside this line segment tool there is one tool name arc tool arc tool is very small tool if you drag this then it will give you this types of arcs so i made a small arc by this and i moved this arc by my selection tool if you want to little bit rotate and put here then it’s ok no problem you can put as you like it’s up to you i think it is larger so i am making it little bit small ok do a small thing i am zooming in and make a small circle here alright ok and i am making a group so it

will remain together i don’t know it is looking more olive than grape ok anyways think that it is a grape so i took a copy of it and i rotate it little bit and i took another copy and rotate it little bit and i took this 3 things and put it together and one more thing this grape is in moved backward position but i want it in front so for moving it in the front there is a simple way so select it and then right click and you will get arrange option arrange there are 4 options bring to front, bring to forward, sent to backward , sent to back sent to back sent to back is the last position bring to front is the first position bring to forward means one step forward position for

example this grape is behind two grapes if i select and then right click to it and i will go to arrange and bring forward so it will forward only one step if i select and right click to it and arrange it to bring to front then it will move to top ok alright , so so i group the overall object and i rotated the overall object and made a copy and i also rotated this copied object also i want to make a bunch of it i mean bunch of Grapes see alright it is a simple bunch it is not so heavy and i took a copy of the whole bunch press control + G i hope you remember control + G means group this where i want to move this ? i select this and then right click and arrange then send to back i am making it little bit smaller do a little random rotation and i took a copy of this also i Adobe Illustrator Training Class 2 Direct Selection Tool

rotated like this and then i decreased it’s size and again send to back by the way here you will get short cut keys shift + control + square bracket (left) just like this if i press shift + control + square bracket then it will move to back position that’s it take your brush tool well you all know what is use of brush tool so with the brush tool i made this so we made a mango grapes i know this is little bit strange egg and a box i think this is enough for today so listen one thing if you are new here then you have to Adobe Illustrator Training Class 2 Direct Selection Tool

practice more and more and if you have any questions then please ask me in comments it will be helpful for you i will try my hard to answer your questions i will do my best to support you all and i will do maximum reply so you can understand this software easily please please practice more and more and second thing is thank u thank u so much now i have 100+ subscribers and i am happy and i am happy that we are going forward i got a wonderful response on only one video 100 + subscribers Thank you thank u and also do me a favour if you have any known person ,cousin relatives or Adobe Illustrator Training Class 2 Direct Selection Tool

brothers friend, any one those peoples who want to learn specially somehow who can’t afford to learn this from any institute and can’t afford fees to learn this specially ladies girls i know there are many problems all over the world so sad girls don’t go outside for educations or you can say they don’t get permission to go outside for educations in any institute please suggest them to see this you tube channel trust me i am going to teach them very brilliant manner with detail training this was my wish to teach in

detail to everyone but the problem is that the institute and university where i go to teach they give us limited time to teach trust me that is not enough time to teach, which is not so possible i wish i will do best here i am getting proper time here i will teach you with patience for this i need your support and please practice more and more if you have any question ask me in comments please like this video if you really like it and please subscribe it if you did not subscribed Thank you Adobe Illustrator Training Class 2 Direct Selection Tool

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