Top 3 Free Time Legit Online Jobs Earn $10 to $40/Day

Top 3 Free Time Legit Online Jobs Earn $10 to $40/Day Homemates, in this video I will share Top 3 Free-time Online Jobs Last week, we shared full-time and freelancing jobs There, you’ll have fixed time to work (ie 9 to 5, 11 to 7) with clients What’s this free time extra income online? Here, you will not work with a client, but instead in a website platform Meaning, you will only log in if you want to work. If not, then don’t log in. This is just the top 3, but we have a lot others that we shared.

These are the top based on our viewers’ feedbacks. They’re earning quite a competitive pay for an extra income online. It’s not easy money. Here, the more you work, the more income you earn. Let’s start with the top 1 website based from our viewers Number 1 is Remotask that we’ve shared before. Remotask is known for its annotation tasks where you label cars, etc A lot is

earning here through lidar tasks How much are they earning here? The highest that they earned here per their feedback, there might be one higher than this, but here, our viewer earns $150 to $200 per week. If they’re earning that much, that means they’re doing it full-time. They do that for 6 to 8 hours a day. For me, $150 to $200 a week is not bad. Especially there’s no time requirement and you can log out anytime.

There’s no specific time that you need to log in to work That’s really good. What’s lidar task? Here, we are teaching car’s AI If you heard self-driving cars that’s what we are helping to improve We cannot show here an actual example because it cannot be shown to public. They have a short training to qualify for lidar task Unfortunately, it’s only compatible for laptop and desktop. Number 2 is compatible to cellphone users Number 2 is Directly We just shared about that recently.

When I shared it recently, I receive feedbacks that they got in. What’s Directly? Directly, you work here as chat supports (non-voice) So customers are asking questions about specific products we have a homemate who got accepted for Xbox For League of Legends, I have not received any feedback yet of getting in So they are sending questions to the website, and we will answer those questions.

Every answer, we get paid $1 or 50 pesos The time it takes to answer it depends on the question and you. Quick sample question from Directly If you’re a League of Legend support, so a customer wants to transfer his League of Legends account from one PC to another without having to download again. So you will just give him instructions some are just searching in Google or they’re asking other experts too After you answered them and given the instructions on how to transfer, you’ll get paid $1. Here in Directly, you’ll just log in whenever you want So going home, or on break, you can answer questions here.

We have one viewer that owns a shop and when there’s no customer, she’s answerin in Directly. And this is really a great extra income online for him. This is also compatible to cellphone-users. They have Directly cellphone application. You’ll receive questions on your phone and you can also answer there. It’s also the same pay as answering it in the computer, both $1. But when registering, you need to do it in a computer After registering, you can answer through cellphone.

The cons here in Directly, it takes time for them to answer in application. Based on a feedback from an Xbox support, he got in to Directly within three days. For Samsung Specialist, it took two months for her to get in. I think that depends to the product you applied for It takes time for them to accept people. We have one viewer who received 19,000 on their PayPal He received the salary before it even get processed.

Directly is a really good website. Directly and Remotask both pay via PayPal If you don’t have a PayPal yet, make sure to watch our video about it. Last but not the least for extra income online, It’s also nice, but for me the first two are better. And a lot of our viewers earned from those two already. Number 3 is Transcription website. T

he reason I said transcription website is because there are lots of transcription website I was only able to share two of them, but we’ll share more The first one I shared is GoTranscript where you can earn $2.33 per 10-minute audio Also, where you can earn more per 10-minute audio. A lot from my viewers got into GoTranscript than in How does trancription websites work? There’ll be a client submitting audio file to GoTranscript and we as transcribers

will choose files that were submitted by clients on their website after choosin a file, we’ll transcribe that file. You’ll listen to the audio, then type it. Let’s have a quick sample. These are real typing jobs Here’s the weather today, you will type that. I am as spry as a slice of young ginger. We’ll type the audio submitted by clients. There are rules and guidelines for that, read that cause each website has that. Normally, clients in these websites are professors There are sometimes 2 to 5 speakers in each file. Don’t worry, they have guidelines. Right now, we haven’t received feedback who earned that much here from

what I saw in Facebook editors are the ones earning good enough here If you’re a transcriber who have a good rating, you can apply as editor You’ll edit files transcribed by transcribers the pay for that is higher. And the job there is faster. You will not earn that $2.33 in 10 minutes. If you’re just new, it’ll take some time to finish a file. The first file I transcribed, it took me 3 to 4 hours to transcribe a 10-minute file. The longer you work in transcription, the more you get used to it, the faster you type. This works in both laptop and cellphone users

For cellphone users, it’s harder to type and will take time to type there. So those are the 3 extra income online where you don’t need to log in everyday work whenever you want For example, in transcription, if you don’t want to transcribe, then don’t log in. But if you want to work, then log in choose a file then transcribe Directly is much faster in my opinion. Also, you can do it on the go

If you have a full-time job and you’re on your way home, or even in your break time, you can just pull up the application and answer questions If you’re done, then close it. In transcription websites, each file has a deadline. If you accepted a file, you have 4 hours to finish that file. If you can’t do it, you can release that file to other transcriber.

Those are the 3 free times extra income online based on our viewers who got in and earning here already Make sure to click the Like button if you liked this Share this to your friends looking for legit typing jobs there are scam typing jobs this is the real typing job Thank you for watching See you next time. Hey Siri How old are you? I am as spry as a slice on your Top 3 Free Time Legit Online Jobs Earn $10 to $40/Day

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