Web Design Courses Learn HTML & CSS By Building A Webpage For Beginners

Web Design Courses Learn HTML & CSS By Building A Webpage For Beginners we’re going to see how to create a webpagejust like this one, using a very common web design pattern and the best part is you don’teven need anywhere design HTML or CSS experience. I’ll walk you through the entire process stepby step, showing you how to build in the HTML.

then transition into the CSS in creating thisspecific design this is a common pattern consisting of a header and navigation Main content areaof footer and a sidebar, so let’s get started. I have notepad open and in the backgroundhere. I have Firefox open company is Firefox to view the webpages and that we would cansee what our results are the disorder. just open notepad and the landless set this upis half of the screen is going to be notepad and is going to decrease this a little bitand the other half I’m going to use Firefox and this way I can see the rendered code arethe rendered webpage and I can also view the related code. what I want to do first is goahead and save my file as an HTML file is called. this index .html and not just tellit to do all files citizen trying to and TXT know this is not meant to showing things onan open in Firefox but we had a little bit of code and demo look at Firefox and see whatthat looks like the first thing I want to do, and this is really HTML five related isadded. type HTML and this is all we need. this can tell of the web browser that it’sin HTML five document, then I want to do HTML and when a close this time, so when I’m donehere is I’ve opened this tag HTML,

and then I added a closing tag with this so that’show you close an HTML tag and between going to add more tags. so what I want is aheadtag and went ahead and close the head tag following the same syntax with the and I’mgoing to do a title and on to say test page, so this is the title of my webpage and isgoing to appear in the browser. and for right now that’s all I need there and make a littlebit of room now below the head is where when a start. the body. this is basically whatis in a display in the browser, so I’ll close this as well, and start adding in some tags.the first thing I’m going to do is add a header tag is finished in all five type and I’m goingto do an H one this is header. one is with this tag stands for a number of close thismain header, so what I’m doing here is telling the webpage that I’m about to add a headerand header tags are meant for semantics there a meaning for web browser readers on SCO tomake use of the not really enhancing visual parents or anything, but it’s good to separateour content so that we given this kind of meaning. now visually these H one tags orcan have an impact someone to say welcome to the web page essay twenty eight is in amake our hair stand out. I’ll say this, how, and a Firefox and go ahead and open and whatI want is open file how I had to document seller website and here’s our index and ouropening nearly so that is a very basic webpage one of ahead and start extending the smell.I want to add some navigation saw it announced. this is also HTML five and in here. I wantto do something like home to put a pipe and this is straight up and down symbol that isusually about the return or enter key and I believe on most keyboards are the clickthe shift key to get this disc icon a separate my navigation model that all the blog andI’ll do products so just three things and that’s it. now, when I hadn’t say so we cansee our navigation and I want to refresh Firefox, so I’ll click this arrow right here belowcurrent page. navigation you can see we can’t click on it for about six. oh, so here I’mgoing to add an anchor tag and this attribute here, then add a link to a page, but I coulddo something well go ahead and do this reason only to the homepage which is our index page,and will close the anchor tag and secrecy upon the same syntax with the backslash onthe anchor tag. so the way this works with the anchor tag to create this link. anythinginside these brackets are these braces is not going to appear in the page, but it’sgoing to tell the anchor tag where to go tubes of this HREF, which is a hyper reference iswhat it means her hyperlink reference says go to this index .html so I can go ahead withthe blog page, and I’m going to actually add anything that said going to link anywheresums, but this pound Wisconsin a placeholder. you could say and I’ll go ahead with anotheranchor and all do another counsel, he got into the product stays to malice that impoundit just for the demonstration. I don’t have that PMs cannot keep it simple. now if I refreshin Firefox, we can click these and I’m going where. but we can definitely come if theywere wired up we would. it would take us somewhere now were going to add a footer and all ofthis content again is staying inside the body tag because it needs to be visible in thewebpage, so I’m willing to do another HTML five. time for semantic

meaning. this tagis not an display anything but it’s great for for web browser readers for SCO and newtechnologies that can actually make use of the semantic kind of meaning now going toadd something you might see common input or something like a terms of service. I don’tquite separate that the privacy policy and contact so they were contactless, save, andif I refresh, so there is our footer when dress that up a little bit here soon and isgoing to go ahead and add HTML on-site on at the reference tags here for links and notdescribe copy and paste to create tags for all of these fairly quick and will do contactis the last one. save and refresh, we should see links on each of these and other. so thisis pretty basic and designers. there is a him a little bit of a structure is startingto come through no moment going to do is add some content to our page, and when you writebetween the navigation and the footer so here I’m going to add a section tag. this is anotherHTML five tag just gives it some meaning that this is a new section in the page to dividedagainst any other content sections, we might have is basically what that means, and inthe section going to have an article to this article, you can think of as a self-containedpiece of content you might be a paragraph that just describe something and if you couldtake that paragraph of content and move it to a completely other site and it still makessense because it’s independent, and it stands alone. it’s an article so I am going to addsome more medicine in here so to get God of this open up Internet Explorer and is goingto go to Google and I’ll say Laura Manson and houses grab some of this right here. thisis basically just some placeholder text and in here. I’m going to paste it now save listenersget the crap going word wrap to see everything and no carriage return here.

refresh our browserfilaments in the wind elevator space, though, between this content area navigation and footerfor that I am going to add a paragraph tag. this paragraph tag is not a semantic tags,so it’s can have an effect visually on what’s happening I think now, Bernie, thank and salutethe space you can see there. what happens and someone to give this article on the titleand then RSA is Jan Lincoln entitled them in and sort of a title for each paragraph.so, under the article to a want to do another H one is another hitter to say this. he hasthe article title and all clothes. my H one and then inside of here. I went to this hisfinal income going to do the header seen SMEs inherited yen and this is perfectly fine becauseI wanted this to be the header for this paragraph, it could’ve been. I could also put the titleinside of a header, but I’m just going to do it for this introduction one and I wantto bold a blessing we have right now. okay, now want to bow this introduction one. andI don’t want to put it in another. H one so I’m going to use strong and I’ll close thisas our text is and they are never refreshing to see what’s happening now now they wantto start modifying the presentation of this webpage they look in the layout of it. weneed to move beyond HTML to do that we need to move into cascading style sheets are CSSNASCAR allow us to really start making this page should look a lot more like the finishedproduct. we can take things and move them around and really get a refined layout todo that one went to do now is create another file. this is going to be SCN also, what isI know we have an HTML file. I’m going to go ahead and use a CSS file, similar to goahead and open up another notepad document and I’m going to resize this little bit. let’ssee I do this and I can move this over so that way can see things a little bit. thisis not acquire a lie of with so I can just go ahead and mentor. I hear tell someone andrequire a lot how the heist to exist on and take up much room. when things called. thisis because something. CSS Saugus collet style. CSS and going to do all files just will haveany issues with it trying to do something with TXT okay in here what I want to do firstis I’m going to do something with our page title actually want to center it and beforeI make some changes to the CSS file. I need to wrap everything inside of the dev salicylate,this looks like and why we need to do that under the body am going to do a day of andall close this dev right above our byte tag down here now, this has no effect visuallyright now on our webpage for refresh this you can see nothing ‘s happening, but thisis going to allow all the contents that we see on the page to be inside this containerand then I can tell this container to have a certain with and I can tell it. I don’twant any margins must cannot make the page ‘s Toronto, the content so see how this works.so on this and did not want to actually given a name so I can reference it comes to calla container make it very simple then, and our CSS letter reference container and wantto do.[ L explained that# Slovic, I’ll do with the six hundred pixels and I’ll do amargin zero, and auto, and then will close this song opening with braces enclosing withbraces and missed the content in between pertains to this container. the# means that this isgoing to look for an ID with the name container containers that have a width of six hundredpixels. it’s not that I have a margin basically is what that means that zero the auto sayssince this is to be six hundred pixels to go ahead and autosize the margins on the edges,soliciting exactly how this works, how save now, I need to add a reference to the stylesheet,so we coming up or HTML file to the stylesheet telling the stylesheet. we need to add anattack, to put it in the head under the title, this is going to be called a link tag

canhave a row which is relationship is going to be called stylesheet relationship is astylesheet. here’s HREF which were familiar with from our anchor tags, and this is goingto point to style. CSS LMI and intact. now if I refresh the page. you can see what happens.so what we done now is leave strain the way, have our content included in this gift guide.so before everything was stretching pretty far across the entire browser if I resizethe browser you can see it stays in the middle. so that’s very helpful. now we had a marginzero in auto so is it basically means that were not explicitly specifying a margin with,but because our

browser right now might be why I thousand pixels wide content is onlysix hundred. there is really two hundred pixels of margin on each side that is not gettingused and what is saying Iowa just that. so every time the browser gets why this is whenI’ll adjust the margin and keep us in the middle are now going to go ahead and startinstalling some of these other items. so for the back to our stylesheet and here are goingto create a class called center text{} and then all I need is text align center and allhave a; here on the back to the header. how do class instead of ID equals center text.I’ll say this all refresh the webpage he can see what happens with our welcome to the webpageand we actually want to do that with the navigation and with the father,

because this is a classwe can reuse it can use in multiple places, so I’ll paste that into the navigation. I’llpaste that into the footer and refresh the page, and there would have, so that was prettyeasy. now we need to build our sidebar, and I am going to add a tag called I this is anotherHTML file tank went out of between our right under section and right above footer. thisis a side panel close aside and in the year where you want to do is a header tells a header,and then I’ll close this tag and add some content and so the first thing someone isbuying my newest book by my newest book in them below the header. I’m going to have aparagraph of text. this is going to be.

this is some extra content related to the firstarticle, so obviously some filler content here and then I want to do three things sawheavenly choir in how have a link to handle heavily great and I’ll say this vicious seewhat this has done to the patient. now so everything is going vertical at this pointis is no stalling applied to any of this is no CSS and this is kind of what we shouldexpect so were going to add an idea of sidebar to this aside tag am ongoing to our CSS file,and this is going to be ninety sidebar, so you need to update that the sidebar and openbrace close what I want now is to float this right now basically means our sidebar is goingto move over to the right side and then went to do a width of one fifty. I do need to needto constrain the width of this so that it will flow properly. how do a height of twofifty,

which is also a key requirement here and do a margin of fifteen so are contenttaxes not running into it, I’ll say that. and let’s refresh our page and see what happenswhen Biden saved the index .html okay, so here’s our sidebar and you can see, it’s notquite what we want. yet, and it’s okay were about to make a few more changes now easyto make a few adjustments to get our sidebar moved up and pushing over our main content.so in this case we wanted the main content and the sidebar to be inside of the of. sothere contained in the idea of the of working with each other in a given, not interferingwith our footer so I want to do is additive and this is enclosing the main content andalso the sidebar and him and get his given name amusing ID here and not class

becausethere’s only one give at an ever have this name so I can call this main content and howgo-ahead and given ID here. this is going to be main content{} and it will be the entirewidth, but I can give this color so I can see was happening August two border of onepixel can be solid in the back. this way I can see what were doing and then one givena high of three hundred men should be playing for the main content and planning for thesidebar. okay, so there’s our box. higher sidebar up in this box completely. you cansee here are fighter is actually behaving okay, so to get our sidebar into this area.we need another stalling that must apply Web Design Courses Learn HTML & CSS By Building A Webpage For

to our main content. we have our sidebar floatingright. we need our main content float left. that’s why the sidebar is not in the place.it needs to be. so I am going to do another ID. this is just going to be called sectionMain because it’s going to apply to this section task section may hand in here. I’m going togive it away of four hundred and then I went to the left and all save, save the index pageand refresh so they would know we have our sidebar floating on the right we have ourmain content on the left. this is really the look that we were after, but something weirdis going on with the footer and actually what is happening there is a carryover from thedevs above it. those dinners are impacting our footer so to make that not Web Design Courses Learn HTML & CSS By Building A Webpage For

happen andthen we can do an in-line style, which is what this dolly: is so instead of puttingus in our stylesheet _ put it here. it’s kind of a one-off case saw St. Clair both Kennethonly need to do a refresh this page. and now our footer looks good and I can go back andjust comment out this border and to do that all data store and then on to another* toclose it, so that way it only affects the one line now the border should be gone. wheneverI refresh the webpage and indeed is so this is basically all the ingredients we need forvery common webpage layout where we have our header navigation that the main content withthat of footer. Web Design Courses Learn HTML & CSS By Building A Webpage For

we also have a sidebar now in the sidebar. if you want to take thesethree links and actually hyperlink them. we saw how to do that, you can just copy someof this anchor text down here and do something like this, then you can do a BR which is aline break tag. if I copy this line break tag and add it right there. that is goingto create another line break, so that all of our links are not on the same line _ copythis anchor text. Clayton closes anchor text and refresh the webpage and that’s prettymuch now. I finished product out there was helpful and gave you a really great introductionto HTML and CSS, and also how to code up a very common webpage pattern. thank you, Web Design Courses Learn HTML & CSS By Building A Webpage For

webdesign doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t have to spend hundreds and Monsanto college-based course. if you’re ready to elevate your web design skills to professional levelhave the perfect course for you. it’s called web design for rookies, HTML and CSS. thisis an extremely thorough course that you can at your own pace, in your home time. it’sa project -based course as well so that you have hands on learning in finish the coursewith hands-on experience by the time you complete this course, you’ll have a solid foundationin HTML and CSS web design skills to get started, just click here and now. see you on the otherside. thank you Web Design Courses Learn HTML & CSS By Building A Webpage For

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