Earn $10 Day Easily Earn Money Online Easy Ways To Make Money Online HBA Services

Earn $10 Day Easily Earn Money Online Easy Ways To Make Money Online HBA Services In today’s video I am going to share another easy part-time job If you are a housewife, student, or an employee and meanwhile want to do some online part-time work so this video is for you As well as I’ll share 2 pro tips in this video so that you can win orders in this service

or gig even as a newbie Assalam o Alaikum welcome to your channel HBA services So in today’s video i am going to share another part time online work that is social media post design Don’t run away when you hear this because in this video i am going to share two pro tips even if you are new in this field even then you can get orders in this skill,

in this gig and you will also be able to earn So please watch this video completely those two tips will only be given to those people because i’ll tell randomly that how will you get orders in this service i’ll tell you very low competition keywords that you should make gig in this category then you’ll get orders, i’ll tell keywords too So everything will be in this video So please watch it completely

So if you see on my screen i’ve searched Instagram posts So for social media posts you can make Facebook posts, Facebook ads, Facebook stories, Instagram stories there are So many things that you can do on social media on twitter, LinkedIn , or Pinterest There are so many categories You can work on any social media platform you want here i’ve searched Instagram posts and here you can see that total gigs are

4050 total about 4000 Here i’ve searched Instagram posts you can further do more keyword research here fiverr is giving some recommendations too Instagram post design if i click on it See, here are so many gigs and if you come back here on Instagram posts then you’ll have less gigs this is the benefit of keyword research I you don’t know how to do keyword research on fiverr you can find a video above

in the i button click it InshaAllah you’ll be aware if this too You can use that trick if you are struggling on fiverr too Now here the question arises what if you don’t have any designing skills? and how can you sell these services? I’ll recommend a website canva.com you can use cralo too but i use canva that’s why i am recommending this that doesn’t means its necessary You can do your research too You’ll find so

many websites where there are already so many templates available and those are available for commercial use too you can sell them by simply editing them a little bit Here if you see i’ve searched Instagram posts here you can see that there are so many template already available let me show you, if i open it in new tab Here you simply have to open it and see you can edit everything from here

If you want to edit something you can do it from here wants to change text? and from here you can do anything you want however number one pro tip that i am going to give you is that you don’t need to give services for every social media platform For instance If you are food at Facebook or good at Instagram or snapchat or good at any other social media platform you’ll have to work here on that category only how?

As a new seller you are allowed to make & gigs on fiverr right? What you have to do Make 4 to 5 gigs on Instagram only only on Facebook only on LinkedIn only on Pinterest The reason is that when you make 5 gigs on same social media platform then your each gig will have specific repeating keyword , like Instagram posts or Instagram and out of all those 5 gigs, , 1 to 2 gigs would be easily ranked chances will be increased eventually First tip is this You don’t need to target Facebook if

you are focusing on Instagram Let us take an example of Instagram but you can search for Facebook too you can do it for LinkedIn too, its not necessary to stick on Instagram only but you can find these types of gigs for other platforms too See here above i’ve searched Instagram post see here you can find Instagram post Instagram reads Instagram stories Similarly if you look down here summer Instagram post Instagram ads spring Instagram post etc here you can find so many categories

now what i have to do you have to select any of the five and make gigs of that five if you want you can make separate gig for Instagram spring posts and make separate gig for Instagram winter posts make separate gig for Instagram stories separate gig for Instagram ads Separate gig for Instagram post design and separate gig for Instagram ads design if you make 4 to 5 gigs like these separately for each category The biggest benefit as i told you before will be that any gig out of these will be subsequently ranked and you’ll get orders too and after a month

you can delete that gig later that may not be performing you can change your category to Facebook later or to pinterest because you’ll have some reviews those”d be beneficial for your other gigs too because that’d enhance buyer’s trust that he already has some positive reviews and 5 star rating so he can deliver this work efficiently too So this was my first pro tip that you have design only one social media kit even if it is Instagram , or Facebook here even if you write

Facebook So here you can see, Facebook Ad Facebook App add Facebook cover Facebook event Facebook post Facebook shop ad Every design is here, already designed You simply have to select any of the five and design your gig over there so like this you’ll have five gigs for only one social media plat form and other seller are targeting Instagram, Facebook, doing it for YouTube, Pinterest etc so what’d happen,

you’ll get an edge over them, and chances for getting your sales would be increased but one thing is there , that you are targeting very few buyer but as a newbie you don’t need orders you need reviews So if you apply this technique you’ll get orders too Simultaneously, second pro tip for those who are still connected is that, if you search Instagram So i’ll recommend one thing that select Instagram reels video as you all are aware that it’s tiktok’s neighbor Instagram Reels Earn $10 Day Easily Earn Money Online Easy Ways To Make Money

video So you guys should make gig for this So what’ll be the benefit, let me show you if i take you from here to fiverr and if we search here Instagram Reels down you can see the recommendation too total 12 services are available here, at the time when i am recording this video i don’t know for onwards but you can try this, you can see the orders 6, 26 new gigs have been ranked as you can see here he got 54 orders orders definitely would be more, 54 are the reviews only you don’t have to do anything just visit this canva.com you’ll find already designed templates, or you can visit carlo you’ll get so many template free of cost and if you buy their paid membership then you’ll get more paid free designs would be available for you to use not for free, of course you have paid you’ll find those too so in today’s video, you have to memorize two tips number

one work only on a single social media platform whether it is Instagram, Facebook or YouTube or Pinterest target any one social media platform, number one. secondly if you are targeting Instagram you can try Instagram Reels because of the low competition and if you search for Facebook, then you’ll find so many keywords and services which already have very low competition and like this, using this small skill, and service can earn ample amount and whatever your routine

is, whether you are a housewife, or studying or doing job somewhere you can start this service as a part time job if you sell one design for 5 to 10 $ this won’t even take 5 to 10mins and you can easily sell this service and can do part time online earning so friends, this was today’ Earn $10 Day Easily Earn Money Online Easy Ways To Make Money Online HBA Services

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